Thank you for a little joy today and for anger’s fade away
Thank you for the blues that you gave me
The holy words I know they can save me

I was down by the water I’m afraid to cross
Got to get over before I am lost
I need a hand.  I need a hand. I need a hand

I tried by myself but I never made it
Need someone’s help who is not enslaved
I need a hand.. I need a hand. I need a hand.

Finally got over, fell by the wayside
Back in the past where I wanted to die
You took my hand, I stood there naked
Got me to see even I am sacred

Thank you, thank you so much
For your tender wisdom and your healing touch

I felt a glow, I felt a trembling
That is the moment I started mending

Thank you for the joy in my heart
For this wonderful feeling like a brand new start

Thank you for a little joy today.