biplane (2).jpg (6374 bytes)biplane (3).jpg (6270 bytes)     BiPlane Pilot

If  I was a biplane pilot I would be an ace
  if I was a demagogue you would know my face
but I am a rebel, I am the disgrace

I don't bow down to Jesus, don't bow down to fate
got no word for love and I've got no word for hate
I'm here standing with you    waiting at the gate
        I'm your child I can't see what stands in front of me
I'm your daddy, I'm your friend
I'm a stranger coming in

I come in out of the darkness but the lights don't bother me
       I've been working for peanuts, I've been begging in the street
I've been having a hand out for every bum I meet
      So I got plenty of nothing, nothing's plenty for me
I've been having these visions where everything is free
     all the milk and honey free for you and me
I said all the milk and, honey, free for you and me