Break On Through

I was standing on the stage at the Mak Tu' Bar in Panajachel, Guatemala a few years ago.    It was my usual Sunday afternoon gig and I had a marvelous international band backing me.    I'd just recently added the Doors song "Break On Through (to the other side)"  and we were playing it in public for the first or second time.    I was looking at the mountain to the west that looms over the village and it occurred to me that our energy as people allow us a tremendous creativity.   A creativity that forms the world we live in.  I looked at that mountain and saw my energy pass through it.   Pass through the rocks and the dirt and the darkness on through to the other side and out into the light.  It became a metaphor for me as every week I'd sing the song and see the mountain and feel the power of being able to pass through seemingly impossible things in my life.  As time went I modified my take on the song, told a story a bit different than the Doors.  One night at another show and at shows since then people have told me things like "You have the spirit of Jim Morrison in you" or "It's like you're channeling Morrison".  Me, I don't think so.  It's just dramatics but there is nothing so dramatic as that concept of being able to 'break on through', to get past the mundane, the troublesome, the worry, the conceit   complacency, or, you name it.  It is how we make a difference in our own lives.  So now I've named my new record after that song and I feel like I'm planting a seed  in the Universe for me and I'm looking forward  what's next.

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