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She was attracted to the restless kind
she said that she'd like to unwind
I said to her, she watched from the shadows
a love must be born before it can grow


You can't get what you want unless you ask for it
you don't do anything unless you move
there's no pleasure in a painful experience
so look at things like this and think of how it is
you might change things

There were some people that he left behind
and all that they told him was to "never mind"
he was no cripple, that's for sure
except for that maybe, well he just didn't care


Now there is a stranger, he is still quite young
he is so tender, he's like the second son
If there's a joy he finds it to behold
that is the treasure and it can't be stole


You could be the one who might change things.


I consider Change Things to be the most autobiographical song that is on this CD. Change Things and Senseless. They both explain to me how it is I got to be where I am now. Senseless was like a true revelation and Change things like application. . In it I mention the second son who could be Luke Ulrich up in Nevada, Iowa or either of my twins Nick and Quinn down in Austin Texas. Luke because he has a brother that neither he nor his mom or I ever saw after he was about a week old and Luke is really a sweet guy. Nick or Quinn because they were born cesarian and he who was destined to be first was second and he who was first was destined to be second. In any case I think the important fact of that song is that joy is the treasure and, I think, that anyone who pursues joy over all the other possibilities is doing exactly what the Universe wants us to do. And in Senseless the message to me was "maybe what you've heard about or been instructed in is not really the "right path" for you. Listen to your heart, to the voice from deep within your consciousness and that's where the right thing is revealed. Like what Yogi Berra said "When you come to the fork in the road take it" .