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drawing by Tony Millionaire www.maakies.com

You were the sweetest one I ever knew
But the precious years with you were too few
And now from time to time I remember you and cry
And chase your memory with cheap whiskey

Even now I love you still
And I won't be surprised if I always will
I know that every time your number's on my line
That darlin' I'm still hung up on you.


I chase your memory with cheap whiskey
I wash  you right out of my mind
I chase your memory forget all you were to me
And I do it all with cheap whiskey

What I learned of love I learned in your arms
When I tasted of your special charms
And though it's been years and I've cried far too many tears
Somehow I wish that you'd come back to me

But all you tell me now is "no"
And all I get from you is cold
And I know it isn't right
but I get loaded every night
And I do it all for you with cheap whiskey


Story :
This is also on Steelbeam's CD. In our version I'm really impressed by the sadness of the steel guitar and the bass line.  We have found that in live situations this tune can be a really snappy two-step number.