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I woke up this morning before the break of dawn
I woke up this morning sang the mourning song
somebody died              somebody died

Let me tell you about my neighbor the esteemed Mr. Jones

He had a lovely wife, two children and very heavily mortgaged home

It was just the other morning, They's gathered 'round the breakfast nook
they's all having breakfast, they having one last look
somebody died somebody died

Mr. Jones went off to the office, the kids went to school
Mrs. Jones had some shopping , she left there too
It was there in the traffic, the esarly morning rush
she ran into the crosstown bus

they called out the ambulance, they called the police
all them cats could not do nothing. They called the priest
somebody died                        somebody died

Mr. Jones down at the office when the call came through
It was his insurance agent ,        it was his insurance agent
He said, "Mr. Jones Jones I hate to break this bad news to you.
You should have been double covered, you should have been double covered
you should have bought that double coverage
He lost the house, had to sell the kids
You know Mr. Joneds life                 had hit the skids
somebody died somebody died

I think that it's inteeresting that there is a little girl named Sarah who lives here in Portland who likes this song the best of any of the songs on Guy Down the Street.
It's fun for me to listen to her sing "somebody died" with a big smile on her face.
Of course, I think the song is pretty funny

My friend Perry Drake the drummer for the Shelley King Band out of Ausdtin calls it the "best blues song I've ever heard".

oh yeah, and Rigo says about the whole album "This is better than a lot of that s**t you hear on the radio" .

"the Leonard Cohen of South Austin"           Steve Ulrich