I don't talk to nobody, I ain't got no friends
they say they might like me if I made amends
oh no, some how I got raised up all wrong
but everybody's got a version to this song

My parents don't like me they think I'm a fool
they think that I deliberately flunked out of school
oh no some how I got all the wrong genes
somebody who went further might tell me what that means

All of my life ,I looked like a bum, naturally enough I live in a slum
and now some politician wants to tear my row house down
It's urban renewal that's driving me out of town

I know what I ought to do but
I don't talk to nobody I ain't got no friends
They say they might like me if I make amends
oh no I got raised up all wrong
and everybody"s got aversion to this song.

Brian asked me and a few other people, too, if there was a difference betweeen the words of the first and second verse. Yes, I wrtoe the first verse a a version of and the last as a version to.. I don't think we should feel sorry for ourselves, having a chance is a tremendous gift. We squander it by belittling ourselves or our talents. It is possible that the entire world can "be friends"

Tunnel Thing

This bit was recorded with a portable DAT recorder with a stereo mic in the drainage tunnels under Mopac Blvd. in Austin Texas. This is the site of a long standing full moon drumming that's been happening for over twenty years. We went down there one night to catch the ambiance of the place. Brian just turned the recorder on and walked around the tunnels. You can here how he approaches and walks away as the volume changes and at different distances from the drummers how various frequensies seem louder or softer. It' is a display of the physical properties of sound waves.
Kerry Rausch of Bastrop County says this is the best thing on the album, Dale Peterson of Austin says that Look Into a Mirror is his Favorite and there's a guy in Colorado named Carl who really likes No Frenz