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When it,s drizzling in your mind
and the baddies have you in a bind,
you;re about to lose your flipping mind
who can you turn to who will see you through?


Shadows pass behind your eyes
all your truths have turned to lies
They're not taking any alibis
no one hears your cries
Sal, he's your pal
he's got a helping hand to lend
he'll be your friend
your only friend


Hava nagilah hava nagilah hava na gila monster'

When you're lost and you can't be found
who's the best one you can get to come along
now now now help me sing his song

Salamanderman Salamanderman Salamanderman'



     Back in 1968 I was in the army stationed in Schweinfurt Germany, about 20 kilometers from what was then East Germany.  One of the things that we'd do for fun'  about the only thing we'd do for fun is walk aroung Schweinfurt, drink a little good German wine and  occasionally smoke some good Afgani hashish. One night I was walking with some friends and we passed a shoe store SALAMANDER was it's name.  I said Salamanderman.  I imagined a sort of super hero spoof, actually somehat on the order of  "Austin Powers".   So my friends, as directed, would take photos of me looking around walls or posing with props , what have you , I'd wear modish costume and then compile the photos like a comic strip , write captions for silly little stories.  Then I wrote the song and in our group.   I was as  often called Sal as Steve, others of us became the Great White Light Heart, the Magic Musician the Blue Buzzard, Roth and Roger.  I'm trying now to locate some of these episodes of Salamanderman from those days or another that was made in Spain a few years ago.