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 You know I love you, but you can't keep your mind straight

always looking at the time, never being late


Once a mad and jealous man I was looking in a mirror

the past was there before me, the future was so clear

and all the trial runs were done, there was nothing left to fear

I had my ears open but I couldn't hear

I couldn't hear the symphony though I heard it was in town

couldn't find much meaning in things men called profound


The world itself had come to rest, I sat down at God's knee

His voice was barely audible, He gestured down to me

in the air above   Him the spirits danced in glee

I had my eyes open   but Icouldn't see

I couldn't see the saints amarching I'd heard so much about

I couldn't see why so many people have to shout

no dreams of mine came true.  I began to doubt


Then this question came to pass "is any of this real?"

no answer was forthcoming, I got down to kneel

I mumbled heart felt longings, I promised not to steal

The Truth came up to touch me but I could barely feel

I couldn't feel the breath of death though I shivered in the cold

laughing at salvation in stories I'd been told

I begged for a better answer and God said ""Rock and Roll"



In a way, I think that this song, better than any of the others, expresses who I am or why I am who I am. With music as my horse, there is always somewhere to go, something new to try, and I feel that I am on my right path.