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Lyrics by Steve Ulrich :  From "Guy Down the Street" .

You might have a secret deep in your heart
You might be carrying a burden of guilt
You might have been hurt and deceived
You may have tried your best and failed
But the Lord is not up in heaven someplace
Counting up your sins and shortcomings
No,indeed He is right here beside you
And He wants you to live a life of joy



Smile come on get happy
Sing it’s going to make you glad
Shine like a new-lit beacon
Praise the Lord give up that thing

Smile like a summer morning
Smile like your number one
Smile cause there’s freedom ringing
Smile cause it’s a lot of fun


Sing out the name of Jesus
Sing out along with everyone
Sing about the Lord’s forgiveness
Sing because the Kingdom’s come


Shine feel the peace inside you
Shine and let the Light come through
Shine because the Spirit is willing
Shine because She wants you to


 Praise the Lord give up that thing (Repeat 2)

Just after Blaze was killed I wrote the chorus to this song. Then for the next 10 years or so I’d pull it out of the box and try and write some verses. Eventually I wrote the first verse and I liked it, but I was still stumped. Then, I got in the South Austin Gospel Choir and they were looking for some new songs. So I tried again and came up with the talking introduction and right away the other two verses. So unlike some songs that you write in 15 minutes, this one was a song that took about 15 years.

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The South Austin Gospel Choir (2002)  and Blaze Foley

It is also available on the South Austin Gospel Choir CD "Born in a Barn". I’d like to think that this song is appropriate for most any gospel choir. You might want to try it.

For those asking:  Who is Blaze Foley?

Blaze Foley was a great  song writer here in Austin that was murdered by the son of a fan. Blaze was famous for his use of duct tape for almost anything. While he didn't have great financial success during his time with us, his songs and his memory stay current in the community here. You will find Merl Hagard recording of "If i could only Fly" a true picture of Blaze's talent.


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