Jesus' Song

You might wonder, you might not
what is this game, what does it cost
Does it  matter in the end
how-much you lose or what you win

There's some bankers who'll keep score
while the generals look for a war
Politicians tell us lies
we might get hurt, we should not cry

And there's trouble 'round the block
between the haves and the have nots
And there's preachers who preach hate
while their zealots bar the gate

If there's an answer, there is one
it's not with me it's with someone
who will listen and respond
He'll take you up turn you on

His name is Jesus He is my friend
He will love you 'til ever ends

 Sometimes I wonder why people that express the Christian religion seem to have not read the book, and don't follow the message of the great one they say that they abide in.   This is a song about that.  It is not my place to make judgements about   others, but as a writer, it is my job to notice things and set them down.  In no way is this song anti anything except hypocrisy.