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   My first cd recorded with Brian Beattie got it's title because at that time Brian and I lived just a few doors apart.  You can hear how close it was as we record the little walk that it was to his house.  Friends of his were asking him"Who are you working with? and he would reply  'This guy down the street"   When we recorded SOMEPLACE my situation had changed.  I had become divorced and had moved.  My ex and my sons still lived on the block and it was pretty strange feelings for me returning to record so soon after the marriage broke up.   That is really where the title came from.  That there is a song called Someplace Different is really coincidental.  I'm happy to say that now, whenever I am in Texas that a good friendship exists between Maggie, the mother of my twins, and I and that when I walk up the street now there are no weird feelings. 

1. Someplace Different

2. Simple Melody

3. Westernman

4. Inconsideration

5. Didn't You

6. Love I Can't Live Without

7. Doggie Song

8. Jesus' Song

9. Brown Bag from Florida

10. 3 X Good

11. Gone

12. Toast

13. Little Girl

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