Didn't You

Didn't you ever ponder thongs seemingly gone wrong
ask yourself in wonder why it took so long
for you to see the bright side of really what dad gone
Didn't you....didn't you

Surely I remember the times we used to have
how you made me happy how you made me sad
I even wish that I hadn't have got so mad
Didn't you..... Didn't you

We went our separate ways then, lovers often do
happiness lay elsewhere we had other things to do
Sometimes in my happy life I've thought of you
Didn't you

I always wanted best for you you had so much to give
this may sound kind of sappy but, hey, let me live
I always thought that some day you and I would meet again
Didn't you......Didn't you

I was talking to my first lover, Gail, on the phone and she was telling me about the high school reunion that was coming up.  There was no way I could go up to Minnesota from Texas that year but talking to here got me to reminiscing and so I wrote this song with a real 60"s feel.  Craig Ross really got the Prom Hall feel with his electric guitar on this one.