Inconsideration and in truth we ought to love each other
my hand should hold your hand, our hearts should beat together
instead we act like spectacles, we run around in circles


 Isn't it lonely, isn't it sad when all of our best times are partly bad 

I listen to my friends say "go to hell" but none of them are listening

so no one learns and no one burns
all their ears are in agony and all their eyes are blood shot

all the ones that haven't got a thing are rejoicing in what they've got


People laugh, they shake their heads, why do they disagree
and they cry, they lay down and die without touching at all without touching at all


You've just begun to appreciate some old things that you swore you'd hate

and this far cry echos in your memory
Don't be blase, you've got control oh but time is getting a little ole

and soon we'll be standing on that mountain (and you can take my hand)
'cause isn't it lonely, isn't it?
And isn't it sad when inconsideration and in truth
we ought to love each other we ought to love one another.