map of Thomas Moore's Utopia

Someplace Different

Once there was a long hard winter, after a cold wet fall
We was all looking forward to the springtime, we had a sudden thaw
The river rose up in the downtown
where the river never'd been before
carried off a neighbor's house and two more down the row.

I ain't just talking 'bout the weather
or human tragedy I'm trying to get someplace different
than we get on the T.V.

Well we cleaned up after that disaster, we helped our brother, too
Old debts were forgiven, we had a barbecue
Someone had a bright idea, he raised his voice to say
the way we been loving each other, it ought to be this way


Somehow that idea got planted, like a hundredth monkey do
the word went around the planet, people changed their attitude
Instead of always going shopping
they started being volunteers
had more faith in each other, gave up a little fear


Pretty soon it was summer, everybody had a healthy glow
all the children were respectful, their parents stopped chasing dough
Down at the halls of revenue
they were headed for the door
carrying out them bags of money, help that love thing grow some more

yes, I'm trying to get someplace different than we get on the TV


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