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Plenty of Blame but not much water
like watching a bum run off with your daughter
Ecological writers filling reams of paper
still man is the planet's raper
Capitalism is the world's enslaver
advertising modifies my behavior
its hard to be a true believer
I just want a new receiver

chorus: Westernman that's what I am
on top of my goods that's where I stand
measure up a man by the money he makes
we're taught to use , taught to take

Plenty of words but what's the meaning
like two sides of a mouth I'm seeing
flim flam stuff is what they hand me
as I listen to my Tandy
glue my eyes up to the tube
bend me over, here's the lube
I'll buy what it is whatever it is
I want mine and your and his 


Innocent victims of what was schemed
there's plenty bad parts to this bad dream
pillaged planet plundered resource
profits is the only recourse
but today and throw away
a mound of garbage every day
some say I don't give a damn
but I can't help it I'm a Westernman