Steve has started a music school in Guatemala.
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New DVD by Steve Ulrich

About the musicians: Steve is veteran songwriter/singer from Minneapolis who relocated to Austin in the 70"s His sons are members of the popular Austin band Huerta Culture. Elisabeth is Steve's spouse. She is an interpretive dancer and percussionist. They live in Panajachel, Guatemala.

Latest video from Steve Ulrich, live from Austin Texas.

In the late 70īs as Zeus Muldoon, in the 80īs as Steve Duckfoot, Steve Ulrich was a mainstay in the Austin Folk scene. Sharing billing with such luminaries as Blaze Foley, Pat Mears, Lyle Lovett and Townes Van Zandt. Ulrich was considered a "best bet" by the local press and club goers alike. Then in 1986 he took "time off to grow up with my kids" and left the active music life for the next fifteen years.

Resurfacing in 2000 as Steve Convenience, Ulrich teamed up with producer Brian Beattie on his stellar debut album Guy Down the Street. Released in 2001 the eclectic collection swings gospel, country, pop, rock and blues. He embartked on an ambitious performing schedule averaging about 200 dates a year since.

With the ten year goal of "traveling the world and playing music", Steve has since then played in several European countries, throughout the western and midwestern United States, Guatemala, Mexico and Canada. There have been three more albums. the latest, "Break on Through" displays a touch for nuance and sensitivity in lyric and a zest for the primitive enjoyment of skiffle music.

Steve on the Road
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