You Say You Love Me

and Guatemala
from Cathy Zheutlin on Vimeo.

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Dish Drainer Blues

Smile C'mon Get Happy

This song is about how I feel sometimes,
exhubirant and bombastic, telling the truth
with my tounge in my cheek.


My reaction to the elation I see
at the Renewal Jewish Congregation
in Portland, P'nai Or.

3 x Good

It's about being blessed.


It's my version of a folk song.

The next four videos were taken at our good friends Worth and Paula Lambert in Kingfisher Oklahoma about half way through the music journey of 2008. Elisabeth and I and my son Nick had a marvelous time at the "Back Yard Brouhaha. It kept getting darker and darker. Later on you could hear Worth when he joined us on the trap set but not see him, and just glimpses of the rest of us. It felt so good that July night. Kingfisher is always in my heart and in my plans.

Fall Down

Having a good time in Texas

Snippets of a few songs.

Do the Sing-a-long


New videos filmed by Richard Osterman

Steve Ulrich, and accomplice Christopher Yarrow on Bass, performed this song at the Alberta Street Pub, in Portland, Oregon, on 3/7/10.

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